File History Management

Never been so easy before

Easily record all the history of file changes; Easily switch to the target version to improve file management efficiency; Easily give you more time to do happy and rewarding things.

One-click Commit
Go Back Anytime

Record every change in your project files,
incremental storage saves space,
and retrieves forgotten solutions like a time machine.

Commit Comparison
Find Difference

By identifying the differences between two file versions in the commits,
You can quickly locate the target commit,
Focusing only on the files that have been changed.

Logic Map
Clear Traceability

Present the relationships between commits in a mind map-like manner,
Each iteration of the file can be traced in the milestone timeline of the project history.

Mini mode
Stay on your side

Leave more space on your desktop for you,
without disturbing your work,
quietly monitor the status of file changes.

Voices from EverCraft Users

A new iteration based on 100,000+ users. Discover how EverCraft makes file history management easier.

Shakher Sharma
I've always loved the concept of Git branching, but unfortunately, the usage threshold is too high. The EverCraft team has been working hard to refine this product, helping us manage our project files that are constantly being modified. With my recommendation, more and more colleagues have started using it. It's affordable and has a high cost-to-performance ratio.
Apoorva Ram
The scientific and efficient file management method not only saves storage space but also makes it easy to manage. The timeline version control at a glance enables us to manage file versions more conveniently. Whether you are an ordinary user or a designer, EverCraft is worth a try.
Hideki Tsukamoto
This might be a software that every work computer needs to have installed. It can help you backup and commit important folders, and allows you to backtrack to historical versions at any time, which is especially useful for projects that require many revisions. It's a 'regret medicine' for file management!
I use EverCraft to optimize my file management system, which reduces the time spent on managing file versions and improves efficiency. I really like this software and it's worth recommending!
Cool Pi
Whether adding, modifying, or deleting files, EverCraft can help you go back to any historical state. It's an excellent tool for file history management.
The product is convenient, fast, and easy to use, which has helped me solve the trouble of managing multiple projects, files, and versions. Moreover, it is reasonably priced and worth a try.

Product Launch Plan

Build in public, let's make version control more easier than ever for engineers together.


One-click Commit, Commit Comparison, Mini mode

Supports macOS 11+ and Windows 10+ 64-bit


Expected to release in Q4 2024
Tentatively adding cloud and CAD online viewer features


Launch plan not determined
Will focus on team collaboration features


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